Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Illustration Friday - Muddy

My Illustration Friday image for Feb.12, 2010.
I own a Jeep Liberty and occasionally go off-roading. I love the mud, but only from the safe confines of the vehicle. I wonder what the vehicle would feel if it was somehow alive. I imagine that from time to time it would "pull-up" like a frightened jump horse. I named the jeep muddy.
I created the image using a black and white pencil on muddy brown paper.

Quill Byte brought to you by Andrew Kirkham


  1. this is really neat Andrew!!! I like the "expression" of the Jeep in how it's pulling back. very cute.

  2. Thanks Tasha - it is very cartoony, which I don't usually do.

  3. I bet if your jeep was alive, it would totally be frightened of your off roading! LOVE the cartoon style!

  4. If I remember - you did some driving as well. Next time you'll need to try some off-roading.