Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old hands Threading the Eye

This is my first submission for the Illustration Friday Website. It is part of an assignment for my Mohawk College instructor, Leif Peng.
When I think of "focused", I remember watching my Grandmother mending some piece of old clothing I had worn another hole in. She would lick the tip of the thread and with unbelievable focus thread it through the eye of the needle. When I asked to try I found that I was unable, no matter how hard I tried, to complete the task. This frail old woman with arthritic gnarled hands could accomplish this seemingly simple task, that I was unable to complete. I have always thought of her as a loving and focused role model in my life.

Old hands Threading the Eye
Quill Byte brought to you by Andrew Kirkham


  1. Wow... beautiful story and beautiful illustration, Andrew. Thank you. :^)