Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is the final version of the Wakazoos Cereal Ad. The image was created using Corel Painter 11. It was then brought into Adobe Illustrator for the layout and text.

Wakazoos Cereal - Adult Magazine Ad

To get to the final above....the first stage was to create 3 different concept thumbnails. These were a form of brainstorming on paper. Each one of these was given a rough treatment.


The concept I liked best was given a larger rough drawing.


I really didn't like the character so I redrew him.

A final digital comp was created. It was as much a playground for Corel Painter 11 as it was a color comp.

Quill Byte brought to you by Andrew Kirkham


  1. Hmmm, I don't know Andrew, that's looking too adult..

    Kidding! The painting looks awesome, you're rocking the tablet.

  2. Nice work, Andrew - and great job explaining your process. I'm glad you had a chance to play with Painter for much of this. The results look great! :^)